Ötzi vs Elsa - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 4

Ötzi vs Elsa - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 4

Ötzi vs Elsa is the fifty-fourth battle of ERBParodies. It features the ancient frozen mummy Ötzi, going up against the deuteragonist of the Disney movie "Frozen", Queen Elsa.
Ötzi vs Elsa
Otzi vs Elsa
Battle information
Release date April 4, 2015
Number 54
Length 2:51
Previous Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine
Next The Sims vs Animal Crossing
Other information
Actors Justin Buckner
Rappers Elsa linkOtzi link
Cameos Bear Grylls


Justin Buckner as Ötzi the Iceman (voice) KGBronies as Ötzi the Iceman (video)

Miss4yo as Queen Elsa

Mat4yo as Bear Grylls (cameo)



Straight from the Similaun its the abominable Ötzi!

Here to diss the deuteragonist of an overhyped movie!

This aint Halloween nor Christmas, but here's a run for your money

I've combined the two, you see, I'm an icecold mummy!

Don’t mess with a Neanderthal!

This here is your sequel and it won’t end happy after all!

So gather your Anna, Hans, Kristoff, and a Sven!

to watch me melt the ice witch of Hans Christian Andersen

I’m a warrior, strong as the mountain I roadblock

You’re a moody marshmallow as soft as Olaf

I’m strapped with a longbow, so if you try to diss me

There’ll only be 12 more whores left in Disney


Chill, Bear Grylls, I'll show you a predator.

Got a high temper, but too low of a temperature!

So, pass the mic, or catch a blast of ice!

Get lost on a hike? Get sacrificed!

You wish to skirmish? you'll lose your epidermis, you mummy!

'cause I'll whip you worse than that worm in your tummy!

Once Upon a Time, Scrooge McGruff lost his brush,

And got stuck in a gully when the Queen lost her glove!


Its not called singing when you belt and scream

you’re even more of a mistake than Adele Dazeem

Quit your sellout schemes, think of what your fans would say to ya

if they knew my country pities those in Scandanavia

I’ll thaw your ass with a Copper Axe

Lets watch you rap when your talking rocks are smashed

While you’re painting your nails and you’re swinging your purse,

I’m the pharaoh of the snow, do your worst and get cursed!

For the First Time in Forever I’ll be the Freeze-er

Your rhymes aren’t sick, you just have Frozen Fever!

With hammering cold disses, I’m best in the game

and your kingdom’s going south into incestuous reign

You're a danger to yourself, so neglected, defected

Cross my territory, you’re getting’ shipwrecked, kid

So while I stay Frozen, your throne will grow rotten

Time turned me Golden, and turned you forgotten


The snow glows among the whitest of hues.

For a Queen to fight would be strictly taboo.

But when I'm through, you're gonna need a couple more tattoos!

'Cause I handcrafted the kingdom that killed you!

Sheath your shaft and your ashy handles!

or I'll turn 'Fritz' into Frozen fractals!

Return to your minute museum and leave my palace

or I'll have to re-shatter your phallus!

I've been blessed with the power to freeze!

you've only been blessed to eternally sneeze!

I bet the Iceman once had rhymes much colder...

but then you took an arrow in the shoulder!

I’m not the good girl I used to know...

And you’re no hero, no skin, just bones.

To avoid a cliffhanger in Ötzalss snow ?

Accept your fate and... Let It Go.


Who won?

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