Phoenix Wright vs Adrian Monk - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2

Phoenix Wright vs Adrian Monk - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2

Phoenix Wright vs Adrian Monk is the twenty-first installment of ERBParodies. It features detective with OCD, Adrian Monk, battling 8-bit Lawyer, Phoenix Wright to see who is the better crime-solver. It was released on July 20, 2013.


Froggy as Adrian Monk

Pop Filter as Phoenix Wright

Lyrics Edit

Billy the Kid vs John Wayne
Battle Information
Release Date July 3, 2013
Number 21
Views 25,000+ (As of January 3)
Length 1:57
Previous Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2
Next John Wayne vs Billy the Kid
Other Information
Actors Froggy


Adrian Monk:Edit

Here's the thing; I'm all set to kick this sorry man's rear,

I've solved over a hundred cases since I started my career.

You yell everything, you should've been fired on the spot!

Unless I'm wrong about all this; which, you know, I'm not!

Your messy porcupine hair could poke out someone's eye!

Just stay in your little office; it's a jungle outside!

When it comes to lawyers, Garrett Price was far more effective!

Here's what happened, Mr. Wright; you crossed the wrong detective!

Phoenix Wright:Edit

HOLD IT! Your statement is clearly faulty, Monk!

Your show stunk; I bring justice for all to leave you sunk!

You can't handle smudges on the wall or any number other than ten!

Meanwhile, I got a crossover with Professor Layton!

Solved fifteen-year-old cases, beat undefeated prosecutors,

With only two or three days to investigate these murders!

In this battle, I've clearly got an Edgeworth the victory,

Go ahead, give me your testimony, however contradictory!

Adrian Monk:Edit

Here's what happened – I mean, here's what REALLY happened!

You came after me, Nick, thinking you could beat me at rapping!

But you forgot about a crucial piece of evidence,

That crossover still isn't released in North America, when announced back in 2010!

You made your debut on the DS; a piece of BS,

My show was on ABC and ran for eight whole seasons!

You were disbarred from practicing law because of a forged letter,

Yet my job continues, so give up now; you'll thank me later!

Phoenix Wright:Edit

OBJECTION! Witness, there is a clear contradiction in your testimony!

It's time for Turnabout Asswhoop for this piece of lonely,

Trash; yes, the very same trash you're afraid to touch.

I'll press the witness now, feel the adrenaline rush!

ABC? The only letters you know are OCD,

And I'll bet Dr. Kroger died because he couldn't handle giving you therapy!

I'll blow you up like Trudy; clean you up, you're so filthy,

The judge declares your rhymes OVERRULED and finds you GUILTY!

Who won?

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