Ash Ketchum vs Gary Oak - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-2

Ash Ketchum vs Gary Oak - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-2

Ash Ketchum vs Gary Oak 
is the eighteenth installment of Epic Rap Battle Parodies. It features main character of Pokemon anime, Ash Ketchum, battling his ultimate rival, Gary Oak, to see who is the true Pokemon master. It was released June 15, 2013.


Justin Buckner as Gary Oak

Nathan Provost as Ash Ketchum

ChaoticRapBattles as Brock

Froggy as Yugi Muto

SuperCoolGuyJoe as Professor Oak


Gary Oak:Edit

I'm the true Pokémon master, all you do is play with Balls!

So take a seat, Ash, I'll show you how to catch 'em all!

I'm a prodigy in Pallet Town, you're just in Special Ed,

It takes more than a generation to see Misty in your bed!

I'mma cap your ass like a Rattata, flame on like a Vulpix!

I'll send out Hitmonlee to give your ass a million kicks!

What's the matter, Ashy boy? You want healing from Nurse Joy?

Ass Ketchup mess with my Pokémon is sure to get destroyed!

I'll serve you a handheld defeat that'll fit in your pocket,

Don't let your ego blast off more than Team Rocket!

My pops is a professor, so I have all the knowledge that I need!

I'll be rising up, while you're smoking Bulbasaur weed!

Ash Ketchum:Edit

I'm the very best! I'm banging on my chest!

Like a Fearow going apeshit, it's time for the real test!

I'm majestic like Ho-Oh, I spit it hot and Gold,

I'm like a Blastoise, because I have lyrical water flow!

I'mma beat you so hard, you won't be using a healing berry.

I mean, you're as homosexual as a dancing Clefairy.

You're forgetting that the entire anime revolves around me,

Soon as we went to Sinnoh, that was the last time you were ever seen.

Gary Oak:Edit

Stop being so Gloom, you're acting like a Slowbro.

You're a rip off of Yugi, hell, maybe even more homo!

My disses just evolved, teach you to mess with my crew,

And you wonder who the real master is? I don't choose you!

You're identified as a "wannabe champion" in my Pokédex,

You've been surrounded by girls, yet you still haven't had sex!

Now listen here, Ash, time for the ultimate burn.

Magikarp is the name you deserve to earn!

Ash Ketchum:Edit

I'm kickin' it Old School, Black and White to Red and Blue.

I got an army of leaders, come and fight me and my crew.

Trap you with my rhymes like a Master Ball, feel the hate?

That's 'cause you're too busy substituting "ball" with "bate"

Don't be hating on my love life, I'll make yours darken,

I bet when you whipped out your Metapod, it didn't use harden.

That's the end of it, let's roll the credits theme song.

Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta kick your ass, Pokémon!


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