• 3203smashsonicyoshi


    March 6, 2020 by 3203smashsonicyoshi

    So sense this wiki is kinda dead does anybody want me to delete it?

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  • Alpha Skylander

    Elsa vs Santa Claus

    February 27, 2018 by Alpha Skylander



    Santa Claus!!!! Begin

    Elsa: the queens here so I'm dealing with a fat ass OK then,

    I'm the best for all kids while you just sit every year counting the days,

    Your just a pest I'll be kicking you with my beat so take a past while u chill,

    Your elf makes gifts well how about they make you a said,

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    i need rap battle suggestions

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  • Ratchet blaster lombax

    Eic rap battle 


    Sly: let get this over with I gotta go steal stuff so I'm facing somone who's in a bat suit I don't see why people fear u you're just a rat with wings I'll get laid with your girl catwoman you never be successful just like your parents died you can't hide from the greatest thief so now I'm your nightmare 

    Batman :you don't want to run into me cause I'm the worse thing you can think of you say I'll never b e successful im a billionaire I earn money u just steal  I'll be kicking your weak bitch ass and that's not fun I'm the real u say you're my nightmare? Well I. You're worse nightmare you never get Catwoman but Carmelita wants me

    Sly: that's funny but it's more funny that's you're a joke  I'll be busting your ass even the…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Hello guys This is maybe last battle before final battle.But now battle King of Crap Rap Battle Darklink vs Cam Greely as Link/Good

    XP9 Ra......wait a minute.....this is clock beat......fuck that........p Battle of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies!!


    Attack mOTHER FUCK!!

    Shrock,I am Cam as Link after this fight you will be found dead

    You are crappy battle maker like Steven


    You are Michael's sidekick just like friend with no roles

    Even Matteo fight you in two battles and lose you asshole

    My name is Toon Link CDI i am king of all crap game

    You are just dark version of me and donnt get all my fame

    I am creator of Video Games Rap Battles I am popular guy

    If you think you battle me,just look into my eye

    I am king of creepypasta,i am not…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Wellllll this this third battle.Enjoy it!Well today battling Crystal Gems vs Hugh Hefner.

    XP9 Rap Duel of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies

    Today Battling

    Garnet,Pearl,Amethyst aka Crystal Gems



    Hugh Hefner


    Well guys,we must beat this creator of rabbit

    Wel his name is Hugh and his manshion is rubbish

    Go away,you red duck,are you think you beating us

    We are Crystal Gems and we will kick your ass

    You old fat guy,just parody of me

    My name is Amethyst and you lost by Pee Wee

    You just made old porn video,but we are gods

    Sorry Peridot,

    You are ultimate CLOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

    I am smoking my pipe,so you can call me Sherlock Holmes

    You are just lesbian bitch and forever alone

    Well your founder is dead ,Yellow Diamod will beat you

    Fushion is sex,am i right…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Hello,niggas itsa me Маскус Двильцкин and this is funny,crappy,creepy,shitty raparat series called XP9 Rap Duel of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies.Todays we v got hot battle between Dexter's sister DEE DEE and King DeDeDe.



    XP9 Rap Duel of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies

    Today Battling


    Dee Dee:

    Hello,guys.Can I battle this shitty piece of ice

    Your penguin ass can't beat me,if we battle twice


    Listen me,little girl.You are stupid,I am King

    Go away,little bitch.You must read Lord of Ring

    Dee Dee:

    Crap,Shit,Ass.It all about you

    Go back to you shitty castle and make craapy lyrics.You jew


    Well,Dee Dee.I can destroy this mistake,who battle you,sister.

    I think this guine is just copy of a Sinister


    No shit,Sherlock.I…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Alexander Smesh is my second account!

    51. Drake & Josh vs The Blues Brothers

    52. King Tut vs Yugi Moto

    53. Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine

    54. Ötzi vs Elsa

    55. The Sims vs Animal Crossing

    56.Pee-wee Herman vs Hugh Hefner

    57.Jigsaw vs GLaDOS

    58.Steve vs Joe 2

    59.Ferris Bueller vs Charlie Brown

    60.Jay Gatsby vs Christian Grey

    61.Dipper and Mable vs Billy and Mandy

    62.Papyrus vs Ghost Rider ???

    63.Scott Cawton vs ???(Mister Creepypasta - my idea)

    Actor hints:

    Mancha wiil be in upcoming battle.(Rapper with beard)

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  • Маскус Двильцкин








    Hi every ponies, I AM WOOD SHADES OF FILMAKER

    You are little bitch and I always eating pizza

    Doing You Mom like my name is Nasty Nathan

    You are Memememememmeememememem,MAAAAAN

    I have taken down ICEKINGFAN9000,call me Jared NES

    Every second you are second,i am good guy,call me becon

    I am rap-rap-rapping master,i am faster?you are jew

    I m beating Dakota every hour?and i beat you

    John Cena(0.40)

    AND MY NAME IS JOHN CENA(music sound)







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  • Ratchet blaster lombax


    Jeff: I'm here  to kill this smiling fool you think ur cool but you not and your jokes not funny I'm gonna put this clown down and have no chance of beating me if u think u can you just dreaming and I'm your nightmare

    Joker: wanna know something Jeff you a disgrace to creepypasta you will be my next victim your the joke and I want to choke you with my bare hands and u think it's fair well if we fought u would be lying dead like I did to Robin and I would have your head

    Jeff: you look stress joker I'm the real clown here and Harley Quinn agrees I can feel me winning now you r a just a wannabe I'm the king I would make batman dead permantly while u just toy with him you no criminal mastermind I will be sending u back to arkham now go to s…

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  • Frosty wolffang
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  • Burrito man 2

    Yugi vs ash Ketchum

    February 14, 2016 by Burrito man 2

    Epic rap battle of history


    as Ash Ketchum]]


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  • Александр Смеш

    Every 24 hours, you can hurt a character and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Otsi, hurt Elsa." Otsi gains 1 HP, and Elsa loses 1 HP. Or if you say "Double hurt/heal Elsa.", then Elsa will either gain or lose 2 HP, depending on the action you chose. Every character starts with 5 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog will be updated daily, and the max health will be 20.

    • Josh(3)
    • 'Jake Blues'(5)
    • Elwood Blues(5)
    • King Tut(5)
    • Yugi Muto(6)
    • Saint Nicholas(7)
    • Santa Claus(7)
    • Cupid(5)
    • Otsi(10)
    • Lazy Sim(5)
    • Angry Sim(3)
    • Energetic Sim(3)
    • Artistic Sim(5)
    • 'Villager 1'(5)
    • Villager 2(5)
    • Villager 3(5)
    • Villager 4(5)

    • Drake(Killed 5 days by Маскус Двильцкин):Achievement - Lose to Megan!
    • Elsa(Killed 6 days by Grinchnight14):Achievement - Let it Death
    • Saint Valentine(Killes…

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  • OwenTheLegendary855

    Jay Gatsby vs Christian Grey has been confirmed

    Eric Cartman vs Charlie Brown will happen at some point

    A Five Nights at Freddy's battle was hinted in Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman along with Bill Chipher and Portal.

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  • OwenTheLegendary855

    1.Donatello vs Donatello(released)

    2. P??y?? vs ???????? (Flame Pokemon)

    3. Willy ????? vs ?????? ?????? (Chocolate)

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  • OwenTheLegendary855


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  • OwenTheLegendary855

    No Chroma key

    September 4, 2015 by OwenTheLegendary855

    Every time ERBParodies didn't use chroma key:

    Vault Boy

    Roman Bellic

    Guy Getting Killed By Freddy Krueger in Bed.

    WoodenHornets(Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees)

    Non Character:

    Matt Groening vs Seth MacFarlane intro and at 1:33

    1:33 to 1:34, 1:36 to 1:38, 1:49 to 1:52 of Carl Johnson vs Patrick Star

    ​Many times in Hancock vs Jack Sparrow

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  • Александр Смеш

    If you have a bit for scraped Sandler vs Chaplin please give me a link

    Will be Nathan in season 4?

    51. Drake & Josh vs The Blues Brothers

    52. King Tut vs Yugi Moto

    53. Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine

    54. Ötzi vs Elsa

    55. The Sims vs Animal Crossing

    56.Pee-wee Herman vs Hugh Hefner

    57.Jigsaw vs GLaDOS

    58.Eric Cartman vs Charlie Brown(confirmed)

    59.Jay Gatsby vs Christian Grey

    60.Dipper & Mabel vs Billy and Mandy

    61.KFC vs MCDonalds(like nuggets)

    62.Scott Cawton vs ?????


    1.Adam Sandler vs Charlie Chaplin(Froggy confirmed)

    2.GH vs GA 2(ft GhostBusted)(Froggy confirmed)

    3.Gatsby vs Batman(Stof confirmed)

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  • Epicrapbattleparodiesyoutuber

    hey guys i been doing rap battleson youtube for 17 years all of you make me want 

    to do more even if its epicrapbattleparodies i dont care to do that kind of battle

    on youtube so you guys can give me a request for a youtube on here 

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  • DudeWithASuit
    Days Passed: 157
    Last updated: NightFalcon9004: Kill the Terminator.

    Every 24 hours, you can hurt a character and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Oliver Twist, hurt Richie Rich." Oliver Twist gains 1 HP, and Richie Rich loses 1 HP. Or if you say "Double hurt/heal Richie Rich.", then Richie will either gain or lose 2 HP, depending on the action you chose. Every character starts with 5 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog will be updated daily, and the max health will be 15.

    • Max Payne - 4

    • 66th: Habit: Killed by Froggy7771 on Day 1 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ NAILED INTO A CASKET}
    • 65th: Polybius: Killed by Froggy7771 on Day 4 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ CHOPPED INTO 8-BITS}
    • 64th: Stanley Kubrick: Killed by Iamthelegion on Day 4 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ DISTURBING AS THE SI…

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  • PatrickBobSponge


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  • Shazam7121isback1

    Im announced Rap Battles there (this is a Fanmade Series)

    ??? (Angry Gamers)

    ??? (3D Video Games)

    ??? (Creepypasta Games)

    ??? (Black Rappers)

    ??? (Power Strike Characters)

    ??? (Video Editing Program)

    ??? (B??????s)

    ??? (Green Screen & Supplies)

    ??? (Raps)

    ??? (Hacks)

    ??? (Shooting Games)

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  • DudeWithASuit

    Days Passed: 42

    Last Updated: Iamthelegion: Kill Mall Security.


    Every 24 hours, you can hurt a character and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Vault Boy, hurt Cole Phelps." Vault Boy gains 1 HP, and Cole Phelps loses 1 HP. Every character starts with 5 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog will be updated daily, and the max health will be 15.

    • The Irate Gamer - 14

    • Mall Security

    • Adrian Monk

    • 60th: Trekkies: Killed by Awesomesix on Day 1 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ USED TO MAKE CUPCAKES}
    • 59th: MissingNo: Killed by Iamthelegion on Day 1 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ CORRUPTED HIS OWN LIFE}
    • 58th: Billy the Kid: Killed by Baby GG on Day 1 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ DIED OF STOMACH CANCER 2.0}
    • 57th: Zander Kanack: Killed by Iamthelegi…

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  • Planterobloon

    This time, it's Walmart vs Target.

    For the first time ever, the intro is of a reasonable 12 seconds.

    When you sell a pillow for the price of a golden-chained tie.

    Does he mean a tie with a gold tie chain? A tie made of gold? A tie with actual golden chains on it? 1

    Your deli reeks of a homeless boy who just came out of the bar.

    The line combined with the video makes for the most tasteless line I've ever heard on this channel. 2

    Get ready, I'm gonna stomp you into a flea market.

    Walmart is a completely different kind of place. Also, I happen to like flea markets. 3

    You sell expired food, and you're calling me a fraud?

    The pause there literally lasts almost a second. That's just way too long. 4

    I'm the true superstore; scrap that, supergod!

    Getting a bit c…

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  • Planterobloon

    Read this if you haven't already. This battle can be found here at Justin's channel.

    The intro, again. 18 seconds is a bit short normally, but a battle that barely lasts a minute thirty doesn't need an intro this long. 1

    Ahoy, mateys, you hear my footsteps on the ground?

    Really? We thought those were your footsteps in the air. 2

    Hook up these SCPs to show I'm the scariest around!

    I get the pun (it's bad), but it sounds like you're running a horror dating site. (Search "hook up" on the Internet and you'll see what I mean.) 3

    Your power's running out! Play dead all you want, but you know there's no way out once I start playing my song!

    "Want" and "song" are probably the furthest words from rhyming that I have ever heard in a rap battle. 4

    Captions: The …

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  • Planterobloon

    Rap Sins Intro

    January 19, 2015 by Planterobloon

    A rap version of CinemaSins. I look at the lines that have issues and each one counts as a sin. Whoever has the fewest sins wins.

    If two rappers would tie, "aesthetic" sins (bad costumes, etc.) beat bad lines. For example, if Hoody and Masky both had 4 sins, but one of Hoody's sins was because of a crappy costume and not a line, Hoody would beat Masky.

    I divide the time that the characters spend rapping by the number of sins, so the intro and outro don't count. This does account for intro sins, but it would take a while to explain. This is done to have a variable where short and long battles are equal. For example, if a short battle has 10 sins and a long one has 30, you would think that the long battle was worse. However, with this as a jud…

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  • Planterobloon

    This is CinemaSins for raps, basically. This is the Pokepasta Royale with Lost Silver and Creepy Black.

    I like this battle a lot. I memorized the karaoke and lyrics to this fight. But can it stand up to Rap Sins?

    Yet another long-ass intro, this one being 23 seconds long. 1

    Cyndaquil says HURRY, cause this ghost will be Unown!

    Why does he have to hurry? Why will he be unknown? As packed as this line is with references, it makes little sense in context. 2

    I'll leave you in chains like the Pokemon I own!

    When has Lost Silver ever done that to his Pokemon? It's really the opposite, considering he loses all his Pokemon every two seconds. 3

    LEAVE, or it'll be your soul that I pilfer.

    He doesn't do that either. Get your facts straight. 4

    You can't step to me…

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  • Planterobloon

    This is a parody of CinemaSins for rap battles. This episode is the ERBC remake of Hoody vs Masky.

    Long intro is long. I am not gonna wait 30 seconds for a battle. 1

    Sadly, ERBC probably put more effort into Hoody's costume than the real Hoody did. This is actually good, so it's not a sin.

    Coming in this battle to attack, it's the hooded horror from hell!

    I hate to break it to you, but you look like this. So scary. 2

    Your face is so ugly, YOU NEED A MASK TO COVER IT UP!!!

    And you need a hood to hide yours. 3

    As compared to your broken legs, so there is nowhere for you to run!

    Wait, how does that work? Sure, he  can't   run, but that doesn't mean that there is suddenly nowhere to run. 4

    To tell you the truth, you're the laughingstock of the crew!

    Just a per…

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  • Planterobloon

    This page is dead.

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  • DudeWithASuit

    Days passed: 24

    Last Updated: MetalFire: Kill The Happy Mask Salesman.


    Every 24 hours, you can hurt a character and heal one. For example, if you say "Heal Vault Boy, hurt Cole Phelps." Vault Boy gains 1 HP, and Cole Phelps loses 1 HP. As the game continues, a new rule will be added. Every character starts with 5 HP. Last character alive wins. The blog will be updated daily. 15 HP will be the max. Here is a link to the Season 2 one.

    • Huckleberry Finn - 13

    • The Happy Mask Salesman

    • Tupac Shakur

    • 35th: Joe: Killed by Iamthelegion on Day 1 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ YOU'RE THE LESSER HOST, BRO}
    • 34th: Enderman: Killed by NightFalcon9004 on Day 2 {ACHIEVEMENT ~ PICKED THE WRONG GAME} 
    • 33rd: Harry Potter: K…

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  • Mrsanttu99
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  • TailsDoll99

    I'm making a rap battle Tourney

    choose your creepypasta

    Jeff the Killer (?)

    Tails Doll (me)

    Slender Man (?)

    Sonic.exe (?)

    Dead Bart (?)

    Suicide Mouse.avi (?)

    Zalgo (Dean624)

    Eyeless Jack (?)

    Creepy Black (?)

    Missingno (?)

    BRVR (?)

    Ben Drowned (?)

    Squidward's Suicide (?)

    Giygas (?)

    Herobrine (CoughingOutBlood)

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  • Randomfrog


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  • Randomfrog


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  • William Henry Gates the 3rd

    Justin Buckner is gay

    Nathan Provosts is dumb and a wannabe BatesBuster

    WoodenHornets is secretly a woman

    ERBParodies is going to be shut down by the FBI in 10/2/14

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  • Robuscus2013

    Nathan Provost as Ash Ketchum

    Mat4yo as Edward Richtofen

    Justin Bieber vs Ludwig van Beethoven beat


    Huh? Well, well, well! It's Ash Ketchum!

    Mr. Richtofen, I challenge you on a rap battle!

    Challenge accepted, Ketchum!






    Beware the doc, Ash! You are about to get dead!

    Screw pokemons, just eat flesh-flavoured bread!

    You wanna beat me? OK, you'll get to watch Men in Black!

    The reason that you will be dead is because you will suffer a heart attack!

    You going to click me? Well i'll take you to my base!

    You should get some medicine, with some big niggers of bass!

    So when you actually die, you will lie in a coffin

    Ass Ketchup, You wont win, 'cause you ain't r…

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  • BalaTheEDGEhog9

    ERBParodies Reviews

    December 13, 2013 by BalaTheEDGEhog9

    I'm gonna start a new thing where i review ERBParodies by 4 catagories: Idea, Costumes, Lyrics/Rapping and Editing/Quality out of 10.

    I'll start with one of my favorites: Link vs. Dovahkiin

    Idea: 10/10

    The 2 best fantasy themed video games. Good job.

    Costumes: 7/10

    Dovahkiin's was great, but Link's... not so great. First of all, his hair is supposed to be yellow. RLYoshi's hat has also to flat, his pants and shirt too thick, and he had no boots. The rest, however, was satisfactory

    Lyrics/Rapping: 10/10 

    RLYoshi and VGRB have 2 of my favorite voices of the ERBP crew. The Lyrics were also very clever and full of references

    Editing/Quality: 8/10

    Since Link was filmed on a bluescreen, his hilt wasn't visible, and RLYoshi's camera is low quality. Specia…

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  • Cpend7

    ]]The New Rap Battle of the Lawful Villains in History. The U.S. Representative Lawyer who can Blocked the Internet Forever Lamar S. Smith V.S. The Most Hater Violence and Adult Games all the Time Jack Thompson.

    RLYoshi as Jack Thompson

    LazySundayPaper as Lamar S. Smith

    HarryPotter2875 and ChaoticRapBattles as SOPA Haters

    Justin Buckner and SuperCoolGuyJoe as Jack Thompson Haters

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  • Antoinette Jones-Juin

    Spike vs Spyro

    November 18, 2013 by Antoinette Jones-Juin

    Epic Rap Battles of Randomness #1 is the first installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Randomness series. It features baby dragon, Spike, battling against cocky dragon, Spyro. It is being released on November 24, 2013.

    Not released yet.

    Zach Schroeder as Spike

    Kyle J. as Spyro, the lyrist






    It’s Spyro! Coming in to stop Ripto,

    And to destroy Ponyville you do-do!

    Oh you don’t know what that means? Congratulations!

    You’re just one of the insults to My Little Pony’s creation.

    Listen here boy, you’re just a reject, a rip-off!

    All your generation friends should just FUCK OFF!

    You report everything, so report this;

    I’m surprised you’re so called “Bronies” even fucking exist!

    Jeez, calm down dude! It’s a rap ba…

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