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Captain America vs Uncle Sam - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 3

Captain America vs Uncle Sam - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 3

Captain America vs Uncle Sam
Battle information
Release date July 4, 2014
Number 47
Views 170,000+ (As of January 16)
Length 2:45
Previous Hank Hill vs Duck Dynasty
Next Marshall Mathers vs Slim Shady
Other information
Actors VideoGameRapBattles


Rappers Bandicam 2015-01-16 16-01-29-059Steve Rogers In BattleBandicam 2015-01-16 16-01-50-607
Cameos The Winter Soldier

Ron Jeremy

Location(s) Shield Helicarrier

American Flag

Captain America vs Uncle Sam is the fourty-seventh episode of ERBParodies and their Independence Day special. It features American Superhero, Captain America, going up against Patriotic Icon, Uncle Sam, to see who is the better representative of America.


HarryPotter2875 as Uncle Sam

VideoGameRapBattles as Captain America

Froggy as The Winter Soldier (cameo)

Justin Buckner as Ron Jeremy (cameo)


Captain America:Edit

The first ever Avenger is gonna kick the ass of this colored Lincoln,

Is there any way to take down this tank is what you'll be thinking!

I'm a super soldier fighting for America survivor of the second World War!

I'll take down this long leg bitch and he'll flop more than the Fantastic Four!

Now sonny, we all know I was taught to respect my elders,

But seventy years frozen in ice's made me feel under the weather!

So when I spit its so cold, so sick i'd hate to be a dick!

That both these pecs and my shield show you that I'm the most patriotic!

Uncle Sam:Edit

I WANT YOU! to shut the fuck up, Steve Roger that? Got it? Good!

You better prepare yourself, I'll burn your Winter Soldier like firewood!

You're just a fake stupid pansy in tights, you bet you oughta be scared of me!

You don't wanna step to me, I pack more meat than Ron Jeremy!

You fight crime? Great, but the only offense I see is your rapping, son!

I'm winning this fight, you're coming up shorter than James Madison!

My rhymes fly and blow up, get ready for my lyrical missiles!

You say that you're the patriotic one? Just look at my initials!

Captain America:Edit

Making the kindling out of Bucky? Go and grab your Brother John!

Scrooge be losing another war faster than his war bonds!

Punch to the Hawkeye, just say goodbye, you're nothing but full of 4th of Ju-lies!

I'll make you cry, just already die, I'll bury Sir Sammy far beneath the ice!

Constitute my height against Madisons, I'd be wary, son.

'Cause from where I'm standing, you'll be the next W.H Harrison.

If you'd like to salute one finger short, then keep on pointing, gramps.

Or there'll be another man in striped pajamas for the internment camps!

Uncle Sam: Edit

Is that what you expect? For me to panic and start fleeing?

You're forgetting something, Steven, you're a normal human being!

Sure, you're stronger than can be, but I don't care about your gimmick!

You aren't meant for rap, leave and get your ass to the Olympics!

Swing your little shield around, you crazy muscled monkey!

Step off, I come backed with the respect of a whole country!

I'll smack you red, black and blue, without a single doubt!

Take a step into my slaughterhouse and you won't be coming out!

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