Chaotic Rap Battles

Garrett Toler, also known as ChaoticRapBattles, was a rapper on YouTube with his own short-lived series of battles. He appeared in 4 ERBParodies, once as just a cameo and another time uncredited.


Garrett Toler was the creator of the series "Chaotic Rap Battles" He made 5 battles:

  • Ryu vs Bruce Lee
  • Captain Jack Sparrow vs Captain Hook
  • Austin Powers vs Ron Burgundy
  • King Arthur vs Robin Hood
  • Santa Claus vs Ebenezer Scrooge

He then he deleted his channel, but later he created a new channel and posted 1 battle, "Goku vs Superman", only to then delete that channel as well. He said that he had more important things to do then YouTube so then he quieted. He has not been heard from since.


  • Brock*
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