Picture 10
Character Information
Nickname(s) Enderman
First Appearance September 9, 2011
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes White
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Slenderman vs Enderman
Vs Slender Man
Release Date March 24, 2014
Votes on Wiki 48%
Location(s) Minecraft woods

Enderman battled Slender Man in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 10. He was played by Pop Filter.

Information on the RapperEdit

An Enderman is a mob in Minecraft that is pure black, with purple particles floating around him and purple eyes. When looked at, it charges at you and can teleport. It can pick up blocks in and is one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. It is based off of a creepy-pasta named Slender Man, who has similar attributes.


Verse 1:Edit

I see you've joined my server, so get ready for pain.

Your white face and black suit have gone and picked the wrong game.

I've had it with you, Slendy. Stop, don't talk.

Watch me tear your woods apart. Block by block.

I'll take Steve's diamond sword, and chop off your arms.

You're just a staticy mess, who doesn't cause harm.

My land is infinite, it's just a forest in your world.

Stop placing 8 pages and come lick my enderpearls!

Verse 2:Edit

You're just dancing in your forest in formal attire,

Wanna see real fear? Come step on this tripwire.

I'll take you down a Notch, don't tread in my biome.

I'll remove you like Herobrine, 'cause this is my home!

I've got zombies and creepers, and dragons in my band.

You think you're as tough as a diamond, but I dig through you like sand.

Stop acting so brave, there's no need to pretend.

You've messed with me now, and welcome to The End!

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