Billy Herrstol (born April 26, 1998) is a Swedish musician and beat maker. He used to be ERBParodies' official beat maker, and occasionally he also gets roles in the battles. He goes by the name EDX, but used to go by the name Chaumasaur. He uploads beats to his Youtube channel and Soundcloud page EDXBeats, and occasionally he makes rap battles of his own. Those can be found on the Soundcloud page EDXRapBattles.



EDX as Tupac Shakur

EDX is a teenager who lives outside of Daretorp, Sweden, and is good friends with the ERBparodies crew. He usually doesn't rap, but he is very good with putting costumes together and also amazing at creating rap beat instrumentals.

EDX Rap BattlesEdit


On Christmas Eve 2013 he uploaded his first battle 'Ylvis vs PSY to his Soundcloud page EDXRapBattles. Zander from ERBParodies played PSY, and Jacob and MaNCHA played the Ylvis brothers. He uploaded his second battle, J.R.R. Tolkien vs Shigeru 'Miyamoto on January 22nd. He posts the battles in text format, before they are released on SoundCloud, in his own rap battle thread on the Epic Rap Battles of History forum.


Murder Victim #3

Fence Painter #2


Beats created For ERBparodiesEdit

James Bond vs Austin Powers Instrumental

Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 Instrumental

Adrian Monk vs Phoenix Wright Instrumental

Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees Instrumental

Mother Nature vs Father Time Instrumental

Peter Grfiffin vs Homer Simpson Instrumental