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Actor Information
Nickname(s) Froggy
Born October 5, 1998
YouTube Channel [1]
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Appearance Information
Appeared In Various
As Various

Froggy (born October 5, 1998) is a YouTuber, and a member of the ERBParodies channel, who has appeared in 29 official battles so far.


Froggy is a rapper, actor and artist who befriended WoodenHornets on the ERBoH Forum, and was later introduced to ERBParodies. He became good friends with Justin Buckner and many others. He started helping with the battles since Episode 5. He became a Main Member and writer of ERBParodies in Season 3. He has a YouTube channel in which he used to make Brickfilms, but no longer works on that genre. He is currently co-writing a feature length film that his friend and him will work on this year, to be sent into film festivals.



  • Even though he didn't appear in a role until Season 2, he has been a part of the series since ERBP #5, and has helped write.
  • He was the first guest rapper to body act while someone else did the actual rapping, and the second overall (Nathan body acted for Zander's voice as Tony Montana, but they are not guests).
  • He is the only member of ERBParodies whose name has not been revealed, nor does he want it to be.
  • The ERBParodies Crew has actually declared him as the 4th Crew Member. 
  • He is the only owner of ERBP to not play himself in a battle even as a cameo. 
  • In all three rap battles with animated adult characters rapping he has a body only role 
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