Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 1

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 1

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson 
is the eight installment of ERBParodies. It features The Master of Death, Harry Potter, battling the Son of Posideon, Percy Jackson, to see who is the more impressive legendary Half-Blood. It was released March 5, 2013.


0007joeg as Harry Potter

Justin as Percy Jackson

Zander Kanack as Ron Weasley

Nathan Provost as Grover Underwood


Percy Jackson:

I am a brave spirited natural leader willing to risk my life for friends.

I'd say the same for you, but you don't have parents!

I'm the Hero of Olympus, you're just a Half-Blood Bitch,

Hermione took my magic wand and gave it a lick!

Are you and Ron together? That's very gay.

You've got some great stories. Ha! J.K.!


I'll lock you with some shackles in the Prison of Azkaban!

Harry Potter:

Bloody Hell, we got an emo fag who thinks he's all the best,

With his Uncle Zeus and his major dyslex...ia.

You're just a little swaggot from the 2000's decade,

You didn't know those Greek God's big talk won't get you laid.

Very funny that you say that Ron and I are together,

But you got a goat boy, you can't do better.

I got Hermione Granger, she's right next to my face.

Did I tell you that my wand rocked your girlfriend Annabeth Chase?

Grover Underwood:

You sick bastard, why did you diss my best friend?

I think somebody's jealous 'cause their magic stick don't stand,

It took you seven books just to kill a bad guy,

And the one you trusted the most, heh, he had to die.

Seriously, grow up, stop using fake card tricks,

Your magic wand is probably 100x bigger than your dick.

I have to say that ginger friend of yours is indeed gay,

So you two listen up, the closet is that-a-way.

Ron Weasly:

Thanks for pointing to the place where you and Percy pucker up,

Even Luke has better looks than you two, so good luck!

You're a demigod, Percy? That seems a bit made up.

Are you sick ducks the reason there's skeet in Hufflepuff's cup?

My basilisk is Slytherin to Anna's Chamber of Secrets,

Harry, shall we Avada Kedavra these phonies?

Harry Potter:

Yes, let's.

Ron Weasley:

Before we kill ya and be done with this, we just wanna remind ya,

The light from this spell will permanently blind ya!


Who Won?

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  • This is the first battle where more than 2 people rap.
  • This is the first rap battle with fictional book characters.
  • This is also the first battle where someone raps for someone else, rather than 3rd party.
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