Epic Rap Battle Parodies #32 is the thirty-second installment of the Epic Rap Battle Parodies series. It features talk show host, Jerry Springer, battling against talk show host, Maury Povich. It was released December 5, 2013 on SoundCloud is was released December 6, 2013 on YouTube.

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Jerry Springer vs Maury Povich - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2

Jerry Springer vs Maury Povich - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2


RLYoshi as Jerry Springer

Nathan Provost as Maury Povich

Justin Buckner as Dr. Phil







Maury Povich:

Now would everyone sit down, I'll tell you a story

"Maury Eviscerates Jerry", warning: it's slightly gory

You're a ripoff of Oprah Winfrey, you're a dead ringer

Serious pain is what I'll bring, you're going down, Jerry Springer

On your show, everyone's fighting, it's like glorified MMA

Here's a Shocking Sex Secret: you're gay!

I'm crushing you, this moment's being Caught on Tape

But you just keep sliding down that stripper pole, you skank

Jerry Springer:

It's time to reveal a piece of baggage, this won't be a shock

Maury is having A Current Affair with Rupert Murdoch!

You hosted a rigged quiz show, congratulations, bro

Well let me take the fact you blow and shove it in your face for show

You've got episodes and episodes about transsexuality

Now who are you to judge, ho? Just let it be

You're trying to act all serious by talking about gangs and shit

Well Maury Povich this is it, I recommend you just quit!

Maury Povich:

Just because Wilkos was security, you shouldn't act tough

You're a musician? Yeesh! Isn't your talk show bad enough?

All you do is sit in a chair and watch people wrestle

Your dad owned a shoe shop? Well wasn't your family successful!

You're looking stressed, why don't you take a breather

Don't wanna watch your own show? Gee, me neither!

You can't be fixed, loony, why do I even bother?

You've fucked up, Springer, and you ARE the father!

Jerry Springer:

Yeah, I have a kid, but he's legitimate, asshole

Just like one of those teenage girls you're out of control!

Time for the hard truth, Maury, you have no reason to live

And your rhymes are even worse than the advice you give!

I'm a true entertainer, take some lessons from me

I'll knock you right off the air and end your trash TV

You need to calm your ass down, man, you're getting too pissed

You're a psychologist if you take out the -logist

Dr. Phil:

Okay, you've had your glory, now you can give it all to me

I'm Dr Phil, and you need some help with your psychology

Now I'm not the kind of guy to say "Let's talk about your mother"

But as of last night, I guess you could say I'm her lover

Rumors spread like wildfire, but this one ain't bullshit

I know that you two are having a gay relationship

You two are so crazy it should be considered heresy

My lines will make you depressed you'll need my therapy

Your faces I will shatter and your ashes I will scatter

I just wanted to let you guys know, that you don't matter

I went in for the kill, since I can do things you can't fulfill

Problem solved, my new book, Defeated Fools by Dr. Phil






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  • This battle marks RLYoshi's sixth appearance in a row.
  • A battle from a another rap battle group that Justin Buckner was a part of before ERBP (God vs Satan) is playing in the start of Maury's 1st verse.
  • In the Jerry Springer verse, TheWuzShadyFilmMaker's battles are playing in the background
  • The wanted poster in Maury's background is purely an inside joke that only the Skype group would get.
  • Matt Groening, Brony #2, Terry Fox, Seth MacFarlane and Joe appear when Maury says "all you do is sit in a chair and watch people wrestle".
  • Slender Man vs Jeff The Killer BTS is playing in Dr. Phil's background.
  • This is the first battle to be completely audio mixed by Nathan Provost
  • Each and every background was made with 3D Modeling.
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