Matt Groening vs Seth MacFarlane - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-0

Matt Groening vs Seth MacFarlane - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-0

Matt Groening vs Seth MacFarlane is the twenty-fifth installment of ERBParodies. It is creator of Family GuySeth MacFarlane, versus creator of The SimpsonsMatt Groening, to see who's the better animator. It was released in October 7th 2013.


Nathan Provost as Seth MacFarlane

Justin Buckner as Matt Groening

Bart Simpson as TheWuzShadyFilmMaker

LazySundayPaper as Glenn Quagmire

SuperThingsOnCups as Peter Griffin


Seth MacFarlane:

It seems today, we've both come to finally end this feud.

Though I see no competition, just a wrinkly washed-up dude.

You're just an old, dirty bastard who can't fork out one donation!

And has the inability to make any of his characters Caucasian!

I can't aboard my plane on 9/11, 'cause unfortunately, you see,

I'm busy winning Grammy's, could you take my flight for me?

My rhymes butcher like MacBeth, 

You should've thought twice before facing almighty Seth!

Matt Groening:

You've used all your humor, got no material to work with!

You're as much as a little bitch as your abomination, Steve Smith.

You aren't funny in the least! All of my work is cherished.

And your jokes at the Oscars made your audience embarrassed!

Your shit's so low-budget, you voice half the characters!

While I had 23 seasons with actual voice actors!

You were desperate for the fame, now look at the results!

You create cartoons where pets are smarter than adults!

Seth MacFarlane:

I'm spitting my rhymes - My rhymes are the bomb-diggity!

Nobody will ever QuagADMIRE you!

Glenn Quagmire: 

Giggity Giggity Giggty!

Seth MacFarlane:

 Your yellow skinned bitches can't compare to Family Guy's,

If you were that into asians, you should've went with hentai!

You're a sub-par creator, I'm who your fans are now adoring. 

Your name says groan in it, that explains why your show's so boring.

I'm a Family Guy, bitch! Got shit funnier than Ted,

Now my audience will laugh as I flatten this Matt like bread!

Matt Groening:

I'm getting massive steamage, and I'm gonna cause some creamage,

To this amateur who gets horny off of Cleveland's cartoon cleavage!

You're running out ideas, so I best not hear your bitchin'.

Nobody cares to sit through five minutes of Peter vs Chicken!

I'm not gonna stay for new episodes, there's nothing I'm missing!

You can't keep a sucessful series, and you can't keep all the Griffins!

I'm telling you Macfarlane, you won't make it much further!

I'll keep first place in the comedy race, you'll be screaming BLOODY MURDER!


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