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Birth name Matteo Adonis
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Hair Brown
Eyes Black
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Appeared In Saint Nicholas vs Saint Valentine
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Matteo Adonis (born April 4th, 1996) is a singer, lyricist, voice actor, professional chiseler, and video creator who is known by the stage name of "Mat4yo". He has a web-series called Chisel This! where he dives deep into good lyrics and criticizes bad ones. You can watch that on his channel, and also on his website, . His most famous videos are rap battles between Peewee Herman and Steve from Blue's Clues and Spiderman and Captain Jack Sparrow.He posts on his Soundcloud and his YouTube. He is currently a writer and the official chiseler for Epic Rap Battle Parodies.He was even invited to write a line for ERB's Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.


Chisle my nizzle

Mat4yo with the "chisel".

Matteo Adonis (Mat4yo), started youtube in 2005 making pokemon videos . Now, he makes a wide variety of videos including rap battles and other songs on his channel 'Mat4yo" . The stage name "Mat4yo" is a representation of the pronunciation of Matteo's name (Ma-tay-yo). Furthermore, a 4 is added in the middle to visually represent an absent letter "A" to represent Matteo's favorite number as well as his birthmonth and birthdate. Matteo has been writing music since the age of 10. His primary content is lyricism talk, Pokemon Raps, Rap Battles, and rap content in general. Despite his young age he is an amazing writer and has officially chiseled quite a few Epic Rap Battle Parodies battles. His girlfriend Miss4yo, has also started to appear in battles now.


Peewee Herman VS Steve (Blue's Clues)

Peewee Herman VS Steve (Blue's Clues) . Rap Battle

Elsa VS Jack Frost - Rap Battle!

Elsa VS Jack Frost - Rap Battle!

Mat4yo Rap Battles Edit

Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History (HarryPotter2875) Edit

Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Edit

VideoGameRapBattles Edit

  • Cloud Strife (audio)
  • Gold

Gaming All Star Rap Battles Edit

Uber Rap Battles of Fiction Edit

  • Second Doctor

Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon Edit

  • Mr. Mime
  • Espeon
  • Ash's Coma Theory

Epic Rap Battles of Minecraft Edit

Justin Buckner Rap Battles Edit

Emo Owl Rap Battles Edit

CartoonMade RapBattles Edit

  • Dora the Explorer

Epic Rap Battles Of Extreme Edit

  • Red (audio)
  • Solid Snake (audio)

Miscellaneous Edit


  • Mat4yo originally played and recorded for the role of Bill Clinton in HarryPotter2875's President Special. He didn't know Zander took the role until the video was published on YouTube.
  • Mat4yo coined the term "chisel" to mean "fine tune and reshape lyrics whilst keeping a similar idea to their intended meaning".
  • Mat4yo has chiseled some to all of the lyrics of ERBPs since Drake and Josh VS Blues Brothers.
  • He is so far the oldest ERBP co-owner being 20 years old.
  • He re-wrote an Thomas Jefferson's verse for Thomas Jefferson vs Fredrick Douglass and the Caitlyn/Hulk exchange in his episodes of Chisel This!
  • He is the first and so far only crew member to work with ERB and ERBP.
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