Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 3-0

Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 3-0

Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich
Battle Information
Release Date March 17, 2014
Number 37
Views 38,000+ (As of January 16)
Length 2:12
Previous Gabe Newell vs Shigeru Miyamoto
Next Paul Bunyan vs Johnny Appleseed
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London's Slumm
Richie Rich's Mansion

Oliver Twist vs Richie Rich is the thirty-seventh ERBParodies. It features cartoon rich boy, Richie Rich battling story book poor boy, Oliver Twist.


Zack as Richie Rich

Fel as Oliver Twist


Richie Rich:Edit

Why hello there poor lonely child that's sitting on the street,

I'm the richest most skilled elite your hobo ass will ever meet!

With cash I'll beat your ass while I'm chillin' in my car.

I'm waving with a dollar, show me how desperate you are!

You're a criminal, not just lyrical, try to be manly you pansy.

You'll feel wealthy for a second when I diss you, oh so fancy!

Listen you weak bum, I'm hitting you hard, you're almost done.

I'd tell you to take some valuables and run, but you got none!

Oliver Twist:Edit

I'm gonna rip your spoiled arms right out of their sockets!

So prepare to feel the wrath of this orphan pick-pocket.

You better hurl with all your cash, jewels and pearls,

'Cause you wouldn't even last one day in the real world!

Who the hell is Richie Rich? Nobody's heard of this little shit!

I'm a legend, feel my fist, you can't beat Oliver Twist!

They told me not to swear, guess I'm a bad boy, but truly,

Roger Ebert was lying when he said people enjoyed your movie!

Richie Rich:Edit

I'd buy you off if I wanted to, but I want to destroy this boy scout!

How can you be badass when you literally got nothing to brag about!

Why would you ask for more food, quit being an attention hog!

My raps will verbally kill you more than Nancy and that attack dog!

I'd give money to your family but you don't have any!

I bet your poor sorry ass would do anything for just a penny,

Prepare to hate me boy, but I ain't gonna lie,

In order to say hi to your mother, you gotta talk to the sky!

Oliver Twist:Edit

Sure, my parents are dead, yet they still care more for me.

Why am I hearing complaining from a kid with his own Mickey D's!

I'm doing things you'd never expect, call me Oliver Plot Twist!

I haven't puked so hard since I saw Richie Rich's Christmas Wish!

You leech of your parents money while I'm a self made man,

Who doesn't need to listen to anybody and does what he plans!

I may not have food, I may not have a home,

But you'll just forever be known as the kid from Home Alone!


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  • Fel deleted his RapsThroughTime YouTube channel before this was released. This led ERBParodies to credit him as Cartoon Made Rap Battles, a series of which he is the co-owner of. 
  • The "penny" Oliver Twist held up wasn't actually a British penny, it was a European cent.
  • Zander Kanack was originally going to play Richie Rich.
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