RLYoshi as Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright battled Adrian Monk in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 21. He was played by Pop Filter.

Infromation on the rapperEdit

Phoenix Wright is a renowned defense attorney famous for turning hopeless cases around and getting his defendant found innocent, as well as finding the real killer. He has handled many cases in his career, losing only once to date. Wright has also been a defendant himself at least three times in his life, each time hiring a different lawyer (including himself). The trial of Zak Gramarye on April 19, 2019 saw Wright unknowingly present forged evidence, before the defendant disappeared, forcing an indefinite postponement of the trial. Wright was subsequently disbarred.

Wright spent the next seven years as a piano player that moonlighted as an undefeated poker player at the Borscht Bowl Club, but secretly continued his investigation of the case that had cost him his attorney's badge. To this end, he was instrumental in re-introducing the Jurist System into California law. After the case was finally resolved, he retook the bar exam and once again became an attorney.

Who the rapper is based upon.


Verse 1:Edit

HOLD IT! Your statement is clearly faulty, Monk
Your show stunk; I bring justice for all to leave you sunk
You can't handle smudges on the wall or any number other than ten
Meanwhile, I got a crossover with Professor Layton
Solved fifteen-year-old cases, beat undefeated prosecutors
With only two or three days to investigate these murders
In this battle, I've clearly got an Edgeworth the victory
Go ahead, give me your testimony, however contradictory!

Verse 2:Edit

OBJECTION! Witness, there is a clear contradiction in your testimony!
It's time for Turnabout Asswhoop for this piece of lonely
Trash; yes, the very same trash you're afraid to touch
I'll press the witness now, feel the adrenaline rush
ABC? The only letters you know are OCD
And I'll bet Dr. Kroger died because he couldn't handle giving you therapy
I'll blow you up like Trudy; clean you up, you're so filthy
The judge declares your rhymes OVERRULED and finds you GUILTY!