Steve battled Joe in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 9 and in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 58. He was played by LazySundayPaper and SuperThingsOnCups.

Information on the RapperEdit

Steve, played by actor Steven Burns, is one of the few human characters shown on children's television show Blue's Clues. Steve was the green striped shirt-wearing host of the show from 1996-2002. He always had fun with his dog, Blue, and finding her clues...until 2002, when Steve went to college and let his younger, yet taller brother Joe host the show.

Character Information
Birth name Steven Michael Burns
Nickname(s) Steve
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Steve vs Joe

Steve vs Joe 2

Vs Joe
Release Date March 12, 2013
Votes on Website 86%
Location(s) Living Room

Thinking Chair

Lyrics in Steve vs JoeEdit

Verse 1:Edit

We just got a letter. I wonder who it's from.

It's probably from that studio saying that your run is done.

Sit on my thinking chair and grab my handy-dandy-notebook.

I'm surprised you even have a wife, judging from your looks.

Let's go find Blue's Clues, here's a clue.

Your hairstyle makes you look like a Jew.

They replaced me with you because they felt bad.

Little kids seeing you host makes them sad.

Verse 2:Edit

That's a bunch of bullshit, biggest lie ever!

The time kids bitch about me? Probably never!

Verse 3:Edit

You look like a freaky guy that's done hardcore drugs.

Last night, I talked to Tasha, and I rocked her jugs.

Oh well, little hoe, I want you to go back to talking to a table,

I'll add it to the list of "Joe's Non-Fascinating Fables"

Nobody even likes you, they bitch about your rotten teeth,

They like "Pimp Steve" and I think you'd better leave,

Tell that bitch Magenta Blue will come back and hunt her,

Oh wait, I take that back, I'm gonna cut her.

Lyrics in Steve vs Joe 2 Edit

Verse 1: Edit

Yo it's Steve Burns and I'm coming in hot

Blue's Clues sucks now a bit? No a lot

Even if I won you'll be wondering how

Your face will be like Magenta and Blue, boom kapow

I'll rub your butt and make a wish like a genie ass

Uh...uh...YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! :)))))))

I look fly in my green and white striped, shirt, BITCH

Wait a second...*looks down at shirt* AW FUCK! GODDAMMIT! SHIT!

Verse 2: Edit

Hey, can I have some nudes like my original body actor?

I gotta leave for college just like my original body actor

Verse 3: Edit

Well, there's more episodes with me than you so you better be crying

Im calling in slat nd pepr kh 2 mk u totalee dieng