Also known as XENCVLT, Tewzen is a mad cunt

Actor Information
Nickname(s) TewZen XENCVLT Tewz Tewy Zen LORD ESHAY KING
YouTube Channel TewZen
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Appearance Information
Appeared In Marshall Mathers
Hugh Hefner
As Marshall Mathers vs Slim Shady
Hugh Hefner vs Pee-wee Herman

TewZen is an Australian YouTube rapper. He makes rap videos on his YouTube channel. He is best known for his cover of Rap God by Eminem, but he makes his own rap songs as well. He has appeared in two battles to date, Marshall Mathers vs Slim Shady, where he portrayed Marshall Mathers, and Pee-wee Herman vs Hugh Hefner , as Hugh Hefner .

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