The Irate Gamer
Character Information
Birth name Chris Bores
Nickname(s) The Irate Gamer
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Based On
Irate Gamer Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Angry Video Game Nerd vs The Irate Gamer
Vs Angry Video Game Nerd
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The Irate Gamer battled Angry Video Game Nerd in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 17. He was played by Garrett Toler.

Information on the RapperEdit

The Irate Gamer is a popular series created by Chris Bores, where he review videogames. It is very similar to 'Angry Video Game Nerd', being that every review Chris has posted that the AVGN has posted, he has posted it later. Many fans deem this as "copying" the AVGN. A point of much controversy among fans. He is also does video series like Irate the 80's and The history of video games.


Verse 1:Edit

Cowabunga! Time to beat this ugly dork from the past,

The ultimate duel of angry gamers has finally come at last!

You say I'm a copier of your show? Well that's just damn absurd!

You're just an Angry Retard, you're not even really a Nerd!

Your show is as lame as it gets, at least mine has special effects!

I'll take down this geek like G.I. Joe took down the jets.

I review the worst games dude, your videos are simply a bore.

You've entered the Game Lab, now let me give you a tour!

AVGN? Doesn't even compare to the IG,

'Cause this OG's gonna make this has-been R.I.P.

ET was something I reviewed before it was even known,

I'll show you my robot, R.O.B., he's as cool as a drone!

You wanna duel with me? I'll make you bitch in defeat!

Since all you seem to talk about is the importance of skeet!

I'll Super Smash your hot wife, since you have all of my hate!

In other words, you little shit, you make me Irate!

Verse 2:Edit

Again, I don't copy you, how many times do I have to say it?

I'll beat your ass and upload it, hell, I'll even create a playlist.

I'm killing you quick with my wits, I don't need my fists,

When your name is just said, it just gets me pissed.

You wanna battle with this? Just try and blitz,

I'll show this Nerd some serious shit!

I spit an aura of hate, bitch! I'll verbally rip off your balls!

Fuck your show man, once I'm famous, I'll never give you any calls!

Shut the fuck up, you twit, you will never beat me!

Your shitty rhymes are more repetitive than Ninja Turtles 3.


  • The real Irate Gamer actually watched the video commenting through his Facebook page "wow really cool production value, I enjoyed it."