Tony Montana vs Al Capone - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 1

Tony Montana vs Al Capone - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 1

Tony Montana vs Al Capone
is the eleventh installment of ERBParodies. It features famous gangster, Al Capone, battling main character of Scarface, Tony Montana, to see who is the better gangster. It was released March 30, 2013.


Justin as Al Capone

Nathan Provost as Tony Montana (Video only)

Wooden Hornets as Tony Montana (Voice only)

Froggy as Mobster #1

Wooden Hornets as Mobster #2

Lazy Sunday Paper as Mobster #3

Super Things on Cups as Mobster #4 


al capone: Edit

Time to leave a scar on your face when I ca-pwn your ass

You're sent to a refugee camp, while I chilled on Alcatraz.

I'm the Godfather, what are you, political prisoner?

I'd tell you where the money is, but you're not a good listener.

Despite my possible, illegimate occupation.

You're the guy who collects balls on your game for the PlayStation.

Put your hands up! Feel the wrath of Tommy gun!

The World is Mine, you're my bitch, have fun!

Tony Montana:Edit

You massacred on Valentine's Day, Mr. Al Capone.

The reason why? You were probably forever alone.

You rage quitted school, then you started doing drugs.

What's the matter, bitch? Never got a mommy hug?

Watch out, Capone, I'm completely insane!

Don't turn around, there's a chance you'll get gang banged!

You ended up with syphillis, I banged your wife Mae.

Get on you knees for Mercy, that will make my day!

Al Capone:Edit

Despite committing murders and other crimes for years.

You're the one that's on his knees, crying in tears!

Your wife Elvira really put her hand on my rock.

Take those green cards and shove them in your piss slot.

Tony Montana:Edit

You're the one in tears, after that ghost encounter.

You're the Robin-Hood of gangsters, I'm the original founder.

You're a dumb son of a bitch, this battle will now end.

Before I leave, say hello to my little friend!



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  • This is the first battle where a character had to be voiced by someone else.
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