Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-2

Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 - Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2-2

Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 is the 20th installment of ERBParodies. It is the rematch of Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps, the first battle of Season 1. It was released July 11, 2013.
Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2 HD

Vault Boy vs Cole Phelps 2 Epic Rap Battle Parodies Season 2 HD


ron mcryit as nate parie

adam burns as cash VX

y*o,.;.rk as lukas

steven seth as markey

joey bass as III

erb griytu as even ett

raper as crazy Lee

parking kirk as carksson

joffey jeffry as LOL

cool roy as chris davies

be your shelf as dusty mout

S miccd as barney john

ryan z mcgee. as zachry jones


nate parie:
tim like you from dan bitch the van

They call me nate johnny otto this coll

Bitch it bitch

bitchbitch hliep me make some new shit TNT cork

riff cute truth suchlike john ruth i bitch reading

shat up mother fucker my king said seth rogan or carl rogan shit bitch norman bates said your ass

it is zach time kris johnson winner bitch my DINNER

cold grump slam dunk your ass

shit dick headluke i hate duke it suck like joel wick you shit

You're just a waste (land) of space, so ju

I don't want to hear a pip from you, boy, so no

LOL LOL LOL on facebook even day fucking licoln joint

bitch my eye it suck like kayne rye shining star I'm a star

grumpy dick LAN want my son fuck it dr phill craw.

sun my fact i put gas in my backlit shit you are so fat

spy on your ass cheer butt waiter she's is sad

cashVX :

bitch kim kardasein

larry thanks but mary my ass

shop its for men with crap with adolf hitler bitch

of cartoons bitch i never have to see you soon CASH XV bitch adolf bitch ass crap on fucking face nice job nate with the cape

cash VX i am the best fucking bitch

slam pam wall shit on tomas ball

keep not shit bitch ass tuesday my ass

i win mother fucker

ian is on the power


i am on the title to bitch hometown fable

I'm also Douglass

i am out

I'm solving a mystery here, all of the clues come together.

You’ll just continue to walk alone forever and ever.

I'm coming in fast, you'll need a cast,

Stop treating the players like lab rats,

I'm entering the Vault and what do I see?

A yellow haired idiot, who looks about three!

I'm taking you down, I wear the crown,

Let's take it downtown, Gonna make you frown,

When I take you down, you dumbass clown,

You look like a depressed fat Charlie Brown!

I'm the cause of the apocalypse, I'm a Hardcore Rockstar,

There's no way that you can hide from me in this L.A. Noire!

My investigations conclude that you're just a silly cartoon,

You've no shelter from my bombshell lines which'll come down, KABOOM.


I'll burn you like coal, Phelps, and then light your ass on fire,

How can you battle me if you can't even find out if someone's a liar?

LA stands for “Licking Ass” in your Case.

You won’t beat me if you can’t even keep up a chase.

You’re just a detective who can’t beat me when he lags.


If you really think you’ll win, then bitch, you’ve had it!

even ett:

Calling yourself a cop, it doesn’t hide your sins.

crazy lee:

Looks like your Weapon Condition is pretty low.

Just call me Vault Man from now on, Mr. Cole!

cool roy:

My rhymes are Platinum, I'll chip your skull, get the hell out of Vegas!

My rhymes have so much flow, like the water you got killed in,

Well goodbye indeed Phelps, Vault Boy just achieved another win.


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