Himself 3

WoodenHornets as himself
Character Information
Birth name Zander Kanack
Nickname(s) WoodenHornets
Zandy Flandy
Born September 8th, 1998
Physical description
Hair Orange
Eyes Blue
Based On
Zander Based on
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner
VGRB vs ERBParodies
Vs Justin Buckner

Nathan Provost

Release Date May 31, 2013

February 9, 2014

Votes on Website N/A
Location(s) Streets (Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner)

Orange background (VideoGameRapBattles vs ERBParodies)

Alexander Pickens Kanack A.K.A. WoodenHornets (born September 8, 1998) is a YouTuber, and a member of ERBParodies. He is the official editor and one of the main rappers.

Information on the Actor Edit

Zander met the crew in January 2013 because of a troll he did on the ERB Wikia. Justin and Nathan both thought the joke was funny so they decided to ask if he wanted to join the crew. And of course the answer was yes! Although, he refers himself as "Sunkist Luva" cause he loves Sunkist soda. He also made a series called Epic Rap Battles of Imagination which is supposed to be a parody of bad Epic Rap Battles of History parodies. In 2018, he took a sudden leave from the rap battle community due to several instances of treating his peers extremely poorly and becoming a controversial figure, bringing about a sudden end to ERBParodies due to him being the only one with access to the channel. Nathan now has access to the channel and reuploaded all the battles.


1 Season Edit

Harry Styles

SwagFag (cameo)

Happy Mask Salesman

Ron Weasley

Tony Montana (Audio)

Tom Sawyer

Kid Rock


2 Season Edit

Irate Gamer Fan (cameo)

Troll (cameo)

Billy the Kid

Smile Dog

Zak Bagans

Himself (Cameo) (Freddy Vs. Jason)

Trekkie #2

Kroger Employee

Himself (Again)

3 Season Edit

Paul Bunyan (Audio)

Doctor (cameo)

Bartender (cameo)

William Clark

Peter Jackson

Harry Styles (again)

The Observer

Tails Doll

Russian Sleep Experiment subjects (cameo)

SuicideMouse.avi / Abandoned by Disney

4 Season

Energistic Sim

Tom Sawyer

Lyrics (When he appeared in ERBP 16):Edit

WoodenHornets here, ready to bring the heat!

I'm the editor, bitch, all you do is spit skeet!

Justin Buckner? More like Justin Fucked-her!

And Nathan is just the definition of ass-kissing Hunter!

Everybody in the crew always looks up to me

Everyone looks down at Justin cause he's less than 3 feet!

And get the fuck out, Nathan, prepare to get pwned

Cause your fucking lipsyncing was terrible in "Tony vs Al Capone"!

Lyrics (When he appeared in ERBP 35):Edit

The king is here rising from FCPX

You guys are older than me get a life and have sex!

Justin, I don't want your New Blue I'll make you fell blue

Honestly even Darthstink is a better editor than you!

And Nathan can you handle the fact, you're a fucking asshole

P.S there's something you seriously lack a fucking backup vocal!

Cam for hucks sake just do rap battles for fun

Time to export this rap battle cause the best verse is done!

Trivia Edit

  • WoodenHornets (as himself) is the first rapper to have a video-limited rapping appearance (Nathan Provost vs Justin Buckner)
  • He is the only member of the crew to have a relative rap in a battle.
  • After he ran away from the rap battle community due to becoming a controversial figure for a multitude of reasons, he was the subject of a diss track released on the ERBParodies's 6th Anniversary by Nathan Provost
    Provost - DEADBOI (Killshot Parody Original Diss Track) Explicit

    Provost - DEADBOI (Killshot Parody Original Diss Track) Explicit

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